Sustainable investment means allowing capital stock to grow steadily.


Kajo Neukirchen Forestry

Thinking ahead together.

Roughly one third of the Earth’s surface is covered in forest – a total area of around 4 billion hectares. Forests are a defining feature of our environment and have always been an important natural resource for humans and animals. This is why we choose to invest in forests and their sustainable management, and in addition we’re also helping to increase CO2 absorption.

The world’s forests are in danger: through misuse, large-scale deforestation and a lack of environmentally sustainable strategies. We know: forests are not investments for generating fast money. They require one thing above all else: time. Investment in our forests is a long-term project, spanning generations.

We’re prepared to put in the necessary time, investing in projects that are sustainably managed – with a strong sense of ecological and economic responsibility. In Finland, for example, where we have invested in a healthy, wisely-exploited forest.