Kajo Neukirchen Group

Visionary planning means better investments.



The Neukirchen Group is a family business specialising in investments in companies, real estate and forests. Dr. Kajo Neukirchen founded the company in 2003 motivated by the desire to pass on his know-how as a family entrepreneur to the next generations. He was a well-known management figure in the 1990s and successfully guided numerous large corporations and enterprises out of existence-threatening situations.

In the Neukirchen Group, this experience was invaluable in identifying sectors with a promising future, and in selecting companies with sustainable, long-term success and teams unrivalled in their respective sectors, as well as best practices in terms of customer benefit, efficiency and productivity.

Today, the Neukirchen Group is owned by the family' s 2nd generation and is run by a highly experienced team of external managers. Building on this excellent track-record, we are consistently working to guarantee the long-term development of our companies. Our goal is to play an active role in shaping the city of the future with our products and solutions. As a service provider, we operate in the fields of energy, logistics/mobility, construction and IT, providing ecologically sound and sustainable solutions.

In all of our efforts, the focus is on people - our customers, our employees and our partners. By working together in an atmosphere of trust, we strive to achieve common goals and to recognise and promote the strengths of each individual. We see ourselves as a reliable team player in every respect, operating on an equal footing and striving to build long-term partnerships wherever possible. For us, this is the only way to live up to our high standards with respect to customer orientation and corporate social responsibility.

Furthermore, in our trust-based and respectful working relationships we maintain the highest professional standards, and this creates the foundation for achieving our targeted growth, whether organically within our group's companies, or through our corporate acquisitions.

We focus explicitly on small and medium-sized enterprises – the Mittelstand. They form the backbone of the German economy. Their business models and markets are in line with our industrial DNA. We are particularly interested in companies that can stand the test of time in the international arena thanks to their know-how and innovations.

Our transactions are concluded in a fair, professional and unbureaucratic manner. Whilst we support the strategy developed with the management of our portfolio companies with equity capital, a consistent approach and many years of experience in industry, we do not intervene in day-to-day business operations.

In the real estate sector, we focus on properties in top locations and with long-term appreciation potential.

We manage our forest property in line with our ecological and social obligations. We focus on allowing nature the space it needs and making a meaningful contribution to the protection of biodiversity.