Kajo Neukirchen Group

Visionary planning means better investments.


A tradition of responsibility.

The Kajo Neukirchen Group is a family business specialising in investments in companies, real estate and forestry. In all its activities, the Kajo Neukirchen Group can draw on the long experience of its founder, Kajo Neukirchen, to whom the business owes its name, and who has successfully led numerous major corporations and enterprises.

We close our transactions quickly, professionally and unbureaucratically. In cooperation with the management we develop a strategy and support it with equity capital, consistency and long years of industrial experience. We aim to achieve long-term value enhancement, whilst preserving the identity of the enterprise. Customer focus and corporate social responsibility are important guiding principles for us. We work together with the management in a spirit of trust and do not interfere in day-to-day business operations.

At a glace

  • Long-term commitment, with no time constraints
  • Branch and industry know-how
  • Swift decisions, no investment committee
  • Financing from our own equity, no fund
  • Experience in mastering turnaround situations
  • Balanced leverage
  • High equity ratio
  • Client-oriented instead of finance-oriented
  • Commitment to “corporate social responsibility”