Investing in attractive companies means creating value for future generations.


Kajo Neukirchen Industrial

Our investment criteria.

Whether we’re dealing with corporate divestitures, economic crises or succession planning in owner-run enterprises: we continue operations for the companies in which we invest in a competent and sustainable way. When investing, we aim to acquire 100% ownership.

We close our transactions swiftly, professionally and unbureaucratically. We develop a strategy in collaboration with the management and support it with equity capital, experience and know-how – with no time constraints and no interference in operational day-to-day business.

Our main focus is on:

  • Enterprises with their own value creation and an international focus (no trading)
  • Enterprises based in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
  • Enterprises with a turnover > €50 million
  • Enterprises with growth and value-enhancement potential
  • Corporate spin-offs

Your benefits as a mid-sized retailer

  • Entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur transaction
  • High transaction security through equity financing, no fund
  • Experienced executives provide support for the management
  • No time limits
  • New perspectives for your enterprise and your employees
  • Assumption of social responsibility at a regional level

Your benefits as a corporation

  • Divestment of non-core assets and concentration on core competencies
  • Buyer enjoys high recognition and strong creditworthiness
  • High transaction security through equity financing, no fund
  • No additional risk
  • No cash outflow
  • Sale to an entrepreneur
  • Assumption of social responsibility towards the subsidiary

Your advantages as a financial investor

  • High transaction security through equity financing, no fund
  • Continuation of an existing success story or creation of a new one
  • Sale to an entrepreneur
  • Release tied-up capital
  • No cash outflow
  • Streamline your portfolio
  • Opportunity to concentrate on attractive new deals