Real Estate

Investing in real estate means shaping the living space for our children.


Kajo Neukirchen Real Estate

Exploring New Paths Together.

Whether we’re talking about acquisition or project development: we’re interested in exceptional properties in desirable locations, anything from business premises to residential properties.

Real Estate Acquisition

We are continually enhancing and expanding our portfolio to include suitable properties in stable, established locations within German cities and mid-sized towns, with individual volumes of between €5 and €20 million. We always aim to acquire 100% ownership.

We are willing to consider the following utilization types:

  • Office and business premises with a positive rental situation or perspective
  • Multi-family residential properties with a minimum of 10 housing units.

Project Development

We manage project developments, with or without building permission. We’re happy to work on existing developments and greenfield projects alike.

It makes no difference whether the project involves residential buildings or office premises; what matters to us is entrepreneurial result.

If a project is deemed suitable, we will invest significant amounts of equity capital and can participate as end investor at an early stage in the process. Whether at the early concept development phase or during implementation – we offer flexibility, in our partnership structures as well as our solution approaches.