How to find us.


Visit us in the Rhine-Main Area.

Kajo Neukirchen Group
Kajo Neukirchen Real Estate

Frankfurter Straße 20
65760 Eschborn

How to find us

The building Frankfurter Strasse no. 20 is located across the branch of Ernst & Young.
The Kajo Neukirchen Group office is based in the same building as the Swatch Group on the 5th level. You reach the main entrance through the courtyard opposite the Moxy Hotel.

Parking in front of the building:

  • From Frankfurter Strasse turn into Mannheimer Strasse.
  • After about 60 m turn left on the terrain right after the Moxy Hotel.
  • Make use of our designated parking.
  • The parking spaces are located on the right hand side next to the main entrance.

Parking in the underground car park:

  • From Frankfurter Strasse turn into Mannheimer Strasse.
  • Follow the road until Düsseldorfer Strasse, here you turn left twice into Rahmannstrasse.
  • After about 90 m turn left into the underground car park.
  • To reach the with “Kajo Neukirchen Group” labeled parking spaces stay on parking level 1 and turn left twice.
  • On the door in the rear area you find a doorbell labeled "Kajo Neukirchen Group". Here you reach the lift which brings you to our office.

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