Investing in companies means creating value for the future.


Kajo Neukirchen Industrial

Succeeding together.

Again and again over the past years we have successfully invested in companies and enhanced their value:

IDS Group

A group of companies in the field of telecontrol engineering, control systems and station automation for utility companies and the industrial sector.

Acquisition: 2007
Turnover 2017: € 105 million


Developers and manufacturers of stable papers and nonwovens for further finishing processes and treatment.

Acquisition: 2015
Turnover 2017: € 41 million

surfactor Group

Manufacturer of synthetic resin-impregnated surfaces for the plywood, furniture, transport and construction industries.

Acquisition: 2011 (D), 2013 (FIN), 2016 (Malaysia)
Turnover 2015: € 69 million

LGI Group

A group of companies comprising the LGI Logistics Group and the ITG Group.

Tailored international logistics solutions including contract logistics, transport and services for the automotive, electronics, industrial, health-care & life science, fashion & lifestyle sectors.

Acquisition: LGI 2011/ITG 2013
Sale in 2016
Turnover 2016: € 440 million

SGB-Smit Group

A group of companies in the field of large power transformers, network transformers, distribution transformers and cast resin transformers.

Sale and reinvestment in 2008 until 2017
Turnover 2017: € 756 million